Medical and Hospitals

Medical & Hospital

  • Study of area to be served, Staff recruitment and Management approaches.
  • Identify financial factors and goals, such as Construction, Equipment cost, Operating, Management cost and Projected return on investment.
  • Confirmation of services provided as well as study of case loads and staffing requirements.
  • Hospital growth and evolution projections to confirm phasing strategies.
  • Integration of related functions and intra departmental planning
  • Quiet setting for in-patients and research centre.
  • Design for a healing environments.

Hospital Projects:

  1. 195  Avenue Road – Wellness Centre and Spa - Toronto Ontario
  2. Women's College Hospital, (RDH)
  3. Urgent Care Facility, WCH (RDH)
  4. Communications and Data Processing, WCH (RDH)
  5. Admitting and Central Registration, WCH (RDH)
  6. Radiology and Operating Rooms (RDH)
  7. Medical Day Care Centre (RDH)
  8. Women's Health Centre (RDH)
  9. Medical and Dental offices,  N.Y., U.S.A. (Carlin Design)


Clinics Projects

  1. 24 Bellair Dental Clinic
  2. 230 Silvercreek Clinic-Guelph
  3. 1375 Southdown Rd., units # 8 + 9, Mississauga, ON