Sustainable and environmental projects

Sustainable Development

We have created a concept designed to leave a soft footprint on the environmental. We have saturated the project with environmentally friendly features, including green roofs, storm water management, energy conservation through the use of solar energy and the geothermal generation of operating power.

Array Architect's mixed use concept also reduces the impact of vehicular dependency. On the ground floor of the development there is a commercial indoor plaza / shopping mall, - a very attractive community space in which residents can fulfil many of their immediate needs, without using their cars. Commercial space is available for people who want to have an office within their home building, but not necessarily right inside their personal living space. Residents can commute to the second floor where they will find beautiful and modern office suites outfitted with the latest technology, in step with today’s information age. There is also a fitness center, and on the top floor there is a common party room that opens on to the green roof garden. This provides people with additional living space.

Stunning Views

The overall design is based on a terrace concept, stepping down towards the rear of the property, which faces Highway 401. The commercial component and the parking lot thereby become a buffer for noise and allow the residential portions to be at a higher level. This leaves residents to enjoy  stunning views of the Lake Ontario shoreline to the south and the rolling landscapes of the Oak Ridges Moraine to the north.

The project was unanimously approved by Municipal Council. We received wonderful words of commendation and encouragement from the Mayor and from the Councilors, and we really appreciated and enjoyed working together with the municipality and their staff. In brief, this project has been another of our success stories. We are working together with a very happy client to realize the final product.


Sustainable and environmental projects:

  • Alfarida -Jeddah, Saud Arabia, 2008
  • Oak Hills Orlando-United States
  • Dreamland Theme Park, Cairo, Egypt
  • PaoJiang, China


Sustainable Living and Off-The-Grid Technologies:

Array has, over the years developed sustainable approaches to Development Projects and building design, tailored to suit various environments and climates. This includes:

  • Water supply reuse and waste water management approaches
  • Renewable energy
  • Smart Building and Control Systems
  • Sustainable Building Technologies and Prefabrication Systems
  • Economic sustainability, Carbon Credits and Incentives Programs
  • Community and Social Health and Welfare through design