Master planning

  • Kuwait Green Belt Development, Kuwait. (Project Planning)
  • King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. (Project Planning)
  • Pyramids Oasis Development, Egypt. (project Planning)


Campus Planning

  • Campus planning and Academic Building design entails good statistics gathering and Assimilation.
  • Master Planning, Analysis of site, surroundings and Environment.
  • Planning for projected rate of growth and phasing.
  • Project feasibility and cost study.
  • Building Design and Integration of related functions, with inter-departmental planning and involving user groups.
  • Achieving Stimulating Learning environments.
  • Flexibility of space use.
  • Clarity of orientation, Traffic and circulation.
  • Adaptive Re-use of Existing Structures and restoration of existing facilities.


Theme Park Projects:

  • Dreamland Theme Park (250 acres) - Egypt
  • Oak Hills Estates - Orlando Florida
  • Georgina Resort at 821 Lake Drive East, Georgina, Ontario, 2006, (8,000 m2, $10,000,000).
  • 7331 Kingston Rd - Proposed Hotel
  • Half Moon Bay Hotel, Antigua. Renovations to the main hotel and a link of complete efficiency suites extension to the hotel as well as a number of independent bungalow clusters (HNJ).
  • Sally Hotel, Giza, Egypt. Design Proposal.
  • Kuwait Green Belt Development, a10-hectare recreational development. (Project Planning).
  • Antolia College Sports Complex, Greece. (HNJ).
  • Bizerte Sports Complex, Tunisia.
  • A Marine Complex development proposal for the Herreshoff family in Bristol, Rhode Island. (HNJ).
  • Sunset Bay Golf and Tennis Club Resort, Georgian Bay, Ont. Design Development.
  • Crystal Beach Development, north of Belleville, Ont. Design Development.
  • Pyramids Oasis Golf Course and Resort development, Egypt. Master Plan.
  • Gaza Hotel