Tourism and Hotels

Recreation and Theme Parks

ARRAY ARCHITECTS INC. is experienced in recreational, tourism resorts, hotel planning and design, such as the Dreamland Theme Park development in Egypt, and the Oak Hills Golf and Tennis Resort.
Also featured in the slide show are the Gaza Hotel and a brand new Hotel complex in Onario Canada.

The design process unfolded as follows:
Exploring the client's objectives from both financial and aesthetic aspirations. 
This was followed by developing a focused program that incorporates marketing, attendance targets and critical mass of appropriate facilities and activities that are required to achieve these objectives.
With this foundation of the project's master plan Array's team proceeded with the Architectural creative process in which we combined functions, volumes, shapes and relationships into a cohesive plan.
Creative theme development is a key to attract visitors and stimulate the senses. Developing the theme's story line and translating it into a practical and economically achievable design was our strength and the key to a successful project.



  • Dreamland Theme Park (250 acres) - Egypt
  • Oak Hills Estates - Orlando Florida
  • Georgina Resort at 821 Lake Drive East, Georgina, Ontario, 2006, (8,000 m2, $10,000,000).
  • 7331 Kingston Rd - Proposed Hotel
  • Half Moon Bay Hotel, Antigua. Renovations to the main hotel and a link of complete efficiency suites extension to the hotel as well as a number of independent bungalow clusters (HNJ).
  • Sally Hotel, Giza, Egypt. Design Proposal.
  • Kuwait Green Belt Development, a10-hectare recreational development. (Project Planning).
  • Antolia College Sports Complex, Greece. (HNJ).
  • Bizerte Sports Complex, Tunisia.
  • A Marine Complex development proposal for the Herreshoff family in Bristol, Rhode Island. (HNJ).
  • Sunset Bay Golf and Tennis Club Resort, Georgian Bay, Ont. Design Development.
  • Crystal Beach Development, north of Belleville, Ont. Design Development.
  • Pyramids Oasis Golf Course and Resort development, Egypt. Master Plan.
  • Gaza Hotel


Hotel Type Design:

  • Downtown hotels
  • Suburban hotels
  • Resorts, beach, golf and tennis hotels
  • Health spa hotels and retreats
  • Vacation villages
  • Marina hotels
  • Convention hotels and conference centre
  • Residential, suites and condominium hotels
  • Mixed use development