Sustainable Architecture Design

Sustainable Living and Off-The-Grid Technologies:

We believe that modernism, originality, as well as respect for heritage and local tradition, are equally important parts of the language of architecture.

These ingredients, combined with simplicity, practicality and good economic sense, together give birth to ...

"Sustainable development that withstands the test of time."

Array has, over the years developed sustainable approaches to Development Projects and building design, tailored to suit various environments and climates.  This includes:

  • Water supply reuse and waste water management approaches
  • Renewable energy
  • Smart Building and Control Systems
  • Sustainable Building Technologies and Prefabrication Systems
  • Economic sustainability, Carbon Credits and Incentives Programs
  • Community and Social Health and Welfare through design


Urban Design and Engineering Integration:

As part of our search for self-sustaining Neighborhood and Master Plan Infrastructure Design, we have developed a drainage system using a proprietary localized waste water treatment system.  This will enable us to design inner city blocks or new subdivisions independent of traditional waste water treatment plants, served by long and expensive pipe systems.  Each Neighborhood or Planning area can treat its own waste water.  The treated water is then distributed in channels for irrigation to create a lush, beautiful local environment, where it will be a pleasure to live or work.  The water can be further treated for human consumption.

Because there is no expenditure on massive infrastructure for waste water treatment, our approach is not only economical, but enables each Neighborhood or Master Plan area to be built independently, at a time which suits the owners of the property.

Examples of projects

  • 875 Kingston Road, Pickering, Ontario Residential / Commercial Mixed Use- (LEED Gold)
  • University Of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Breathing Wall system