Institutional and Academic

Campus Planning
•    Campus planning and Academic Building design entails good statistics gathering and Assimilation.
•    Master Planning, Analysis of site, surroundings and Environment.
•    Planning for projected rate of growth and phasing.
•    Project feasibility and cost study.
•    Building Design and Integration of related functions, with inter-departmental planning and involving user groups.
•    Achieving Stimulating Learning environments.
•    Flexibility of space use.
•    Clarity of orientation, Traffic and circulation.
•    Adaptive Re-use of Existing Structures and restoration of existing facilities.

Institutional and Academic projects
•    University of Toronto Graduate Research Centre - Toronto Ontario
•    Alliance Academic Centre - 501 Alliance Ave- 
•    Montessori School
•    Manchester University Library, U.K. (Scherrer and Hicks Architects)
•    The American University Library addition, Cairo, Egypt. (Array)
•    AUC Greek Campus area study and Planning enhancements
•    Pierce Deree College Library, Greece. (HNJ)
•    Gettysburg College Learning Centre, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (HNJ)
•    The American University Library, Cairo, Egypt. (Hugh Newell Jacobsen)
•    Dumbarton Oaks Library, Washington D.C., U.S.A. (HNJ)
•    King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. (Project Planning)
•    St. Andrew's College Arts and Science Building, Toronto. (RDH Architects)