Cultural, Religious and Community Centres

Introduction to  Cultural, Religious and Community Centers

Be it a Museum, an Art Gallery, a Cultural Centre, or a Place of Worship, Array has distinguished itself in these type of projects by undertaking the  cultural distinction and divine spirituality that characterize a project. Manifesting this hidden dimension in a unique architectural form that reflects the values and aspirations of its users.

•    Tradition, Style and Atmosphere
•    Interiors, Colour and Natural Lighting 
•    Longevity and Maintainability 
•    Lighting and Control Systems 
•    Air handling climate control systems 
•    State of art acoustics and sound systems

Cultural, Religious and Community Centres Projects:
•    Abu Huraira Centre - Academic/Culture Centre, 270 Yorkland Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (6,000 m2, 65,000 sq.ft., $14,000,000), (currently underway)
•    Masjid Darul Iman - Markham Islamic Centre, 6230 16th Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada, 2010, (2,600 m2, 27,000 sq.ft., $7,500,000), (currently underway)
•    Abu Baker Mosque - Abu Baker Islamic Centre of Scarborough, 2665 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2010, (3,200 m2, 35,000 sq.ft., $6,500,000)
•    Omar Bin Khatab Mosque - Muslim Community of Downtown Toronto, Ontario - Shuter and Seaton , Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2010, (2,800 m2, 30,000 sq.ft., $8,000,000), (currently underway)
•    Al Falah Islamic Centre – ICNA, Islamic Community of North America, 23,000 sq.ft , plus master planning of a future 28,000 sq. ft. Mosque and a 300,000 sq.ft. mixed use development on a 7 acre site (currently underway)
•    Oshawa Islamic centre, 6,000 sq. ft.
•    Abu Huraira Centre – Academic/Culture Centre.
•    Master Plan for a 134-acre corporate retreat in Caledon, Ontario
•    Addition and renovation to a corporate retreat in southern Ontario
•    SGI Cultural Centre, Toronto, renovations and addition to an existing building
•    SGI Cultural Centre, Montreal
•    Cultural Centre of Khouzestan Province, Ahwaz, Iran 8,000 m2 building on site of 16,000 m2 including an administration department, a printhouse, an auditorium, and an art exhibition 
•    Church of Redeemer, Toronto, Ontario (RDH)
•    First Alliance Church (design proposal),Toronto, Ontario
•    Kuwait Green Belt Mosque and prayer areas (PPAL)