Master Planning and Urban Design

We are proud to introduce ourselves as Architects, engineers, Planners and Project Development Consultants that have been in business since 1989.

Over the past 25 years, we have continuously grown and advanced integrating all aspects of professional practice.  We now provide not only Architectural Design, for individual buildings and complexes, but we also include extensive Urban Planning and Design of Eco Systems and environmentally friendly projects for sustainability.  

The Principals in our Group:

  • Architecture over 35 years experience
  • Urban Planning and Project Management 40 years experience
  • Structural Engineering 35 years experience
  • Ecological and Biological Design 35 years experience


Our team includes, Architects, Planners, Engineers and Designers with diverse backgrounds.
We have designed over 100 projects for various types of housing from high end single family residences to multi-story and mix-used buildings.  Our current emphasis is on sustainability and incorporating various “green” technology techniques into our projects, to save our future.  This is being well received by both clients and municipal authorities.

Our overseas Master Planning work in large urban centers includes a major Theme Park in Egypt, which was the focal point of a 2,200 acre mixed use development, and new city of 23,000 people in Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi city incorporates a biological component which will enable an oasis of tropical green vegetation and trees to be the focus of the design, together with a self-sustaining waste water and irrigation system.