Sustainable and environmental projects - Dreamland Theme Park -Eygpt


A) Project summary

Dream-Land is a mixed use development desert parcel of land over 2200 Fedans, (9.2 sq. KM.) located 10 KM West of Cairo and adjacent to the “Sixth of October City”. The project accommodates 20,000 Visitors / day.

The Project consisting of mixed use Residential, Commercial, Institutional & Recreational Development.

Array Group Inc. was engaged for the development of Master Plan, evaluation of initial concept & generation of different ideas for the development stages.

We further developed design development & implementation of the theme park & recreational retail part of the development which together with the golf course & Hotel acted as the nucleus that kick started the development and attracted perspective purchasers into the development site.

B) Sustainability

Some of the unique features of this project were the utilization of the coolant water from the industrial Park, west of the development to formulate water features and irrigation water for the theme park & golf course, which provided the greening effect & temperature moderating factors.

C) Budget and Control Management

An initial budget was established based on preliminary projections and design day statistics. From this information, projections of the No. of facilities & services required from which the master planning was derived & project economics formulated both on construction cost and revenue projections.

Total budget for this project was approximately $ 150 Million U.S. Dollars.

Project costs were revisited at key intervals in the design process to ensure adherence to the established project.
A management company was retained by the developer & close communications with Array Group Inc. allowed the project to be completed within project time and budget.

D) Awards

Commendations from the client and the Egyptian Government were received & the project was well acclaimed by the media & the community at large. Two television stations were started on the strength of publicity from the development. Dream 1 & Dream 2 are pay TV stations were established and have proven to be major revenue sources in their own right.

Project comprising of:

- Recreational. Retail

- Main entrance gate and miniature train station

- Main plaza

- Mountain and water fall

- Movie adventure (Teens)

- Ancient wonders (Families)

- Fairytales of the word (Children)