Residential and Mixed Use - Alfareeda


This summary is intended to convey the design concept of the project, highlights, and Architectural and Planning rationale, along with our understanding of the client’s philosophy behind the origin of the project.


The origin of the Residential Community design was a proposal call in early February, 2008 for the design and construction of a community on 1,082,779 square meters of land located south of Dahaban, approximately 20 kilometers north of Jeddah.  The project is intended to be a bedroom community to address the needs of primarily middle income families.

Array Group Inc. were the successful bidder on the project, and prepared several Master Plan Design Reports, Analysis and Information Requirement documents from April to August 2008.  This Report is a follow up document reviewing Urban Planning issues arising as the design progressed to its final concept stage.


The objective of the design by Array Group, is to provide modern affordable housing for middle income families, together with all necessary amenities to support a comfortable, modern and sustainable urban lifestyle.  It is intended to cater primarily to young families in the 25-35 year old age group, and will therefore have amenities and facilities for children from very young to secondary school age.  Housing will also be provided for upper middle income families, which will diversify the social mix in the community.


Land Use Discussion


In a regional context, Alfareeda is considered a “bedroom” community, because it will have no industrial employment.  Residents will have to commute outside the City for employment.  It has good highway connections to Jeddah, King Abdullah University City, King Abdullah Economic City, Al-Madinah and beyond.

The design of the City is based on a series of neighborhoods, centered on a Mosque, local day care, schools, and local commercial.  Housing in these neighborhoods is primarily single family.

A unifying element at the centre of the residential neighborhoods is the provision of a Sports Club, where families can interact and physical activity can be encouraged