Tourism and Hotels - OMAN


Project Summary

This summary is intended to convey the design concept of the project, highlights, Architectural and Planning rationale, along with our understanding of the client’s philosophy behind the origin of the project.


Muscat City Star LLC’s concept, is to undertake master planning and design to create a mixed use city center, to be a City Star in Muscat.  The site allocated is approximately 15,000 square meters of land located East of Muscat International airport.  The project is intended to be a mixed use development addressing the needs of Omani families, and the visitor’s to Oman.

Array International Architect Inc. was initially selected for this project in April 2013.  After our first visit to Oman, meeting with Sheikh Hilal, the Owner of the property, we initiated our work by preparing the Project Program, Master Plan and Design Concept, and undertook information and program analysis of Program Requirements.  We also undertook a further update to accommodate a sporting club extension, to make it into a major 6 star sports and community recreational facility.  This meant an increase to the project boundaries to the south as landscape and outdoor recreational space, adding to the site and additional area of 45,000 square meters.

Inspiration & Objective:

This report reviews the project program, information and needs analysis as well as urban planning and design concept.

From our first visit to Oman, we quickly came to recognize Oman as a gem in the Arabian Peninsula, with its unique natural beauty further enhanced by the kind humanity of its people.  This makes it a natural destination the full potential of which is still to be realized.

During our discussions with Sheikh Hilal, he revealed that his main desire was to make the project a shining example of contemporary Omani style architecture as token of his profound appreciation to his Royal Highness Sultan Qaboos.  This type of sincerity is truly touching and is the underlying inspiration for this undertaking. On the functional side, the objective of the design by Array international Architects Inc. is to provide a mixed use hub that supports the city center of Muscat city, together with all necessary amenities to support a comfortable, modern and sustainable urban lifestyle.  It is intended to cater primarily to young families in the 25-35 year old age group, and will therefore have amenities and facilities for children from very young to secondary school age.  Housing, in the form of SOHA apartments will also be provided for upper middle income families, which will diversify the social mix in the community.